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Working With Graphics in Microsoft Office

  • By: Garry Feldman
  • Date: May 05, 2019

Pictures often speak louder than words and MS Office provides us with ample means to use various graphics in our documents. Learn how Smart Art can contribute to better presentation.......

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Cyber Security Tips – Pretexting

  • By: Garry Feldman
  • Date: Apr 04, 2019

Pretexting is when the bad guys create a false scenario using a made-up identity or pose as someone you know to manipulate you into divulging personal or sensitive information. They.......

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PowerPoint Slide Masters Webinar

  • By: Garry Feldman
  • Date: Jul 07, 2018

In this webinar, you will learn how to control the appearance of your slides using Slide Masters. Ronny will demonstrate how to create custom layouts, and how to insert multiple.......

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How to Avoid Wire Transfer Fraud

  • By: Garry Feldman
  • Date: Jun 06, 2018

Wire transfers are among the most efficient ways to transfer money to anywhere in the world. It’s easy and fast, so you can count on the necessary funds going exactly.......

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